2017 Range Rover Sport-Stage 2 and Exhaust

When Land Rover redesigned the Range Rover Sport model in 2014, they focused on adding more substance to the “Sport” side of the name. With a new aluminum construction shaving around 800 pounds from the vehicle and a supercharged V8 rated at 510 horsepower, it was plenty quick from the factory. However, our customer wanted to extract even more performance from his 2017 Range Rover Sport. To accomplish this, a Quicksilver exhaust system, Eurotoys Ltd. supercharger drive pulleys, and a tune were added.

Eurotoys Ltd. provided us with their Stage 2 power package which comprises of the upper and lower supercharger pulleys, a more substantial drive belt and a tune. The pulleys are made from aluminum and feature a black anodizing. This system is a proven power adder that they have been offering for multiple applications for over 6 years now.

Quicksilver Exhausts got their start in 1973 supplying stainless steel exhaust systems that would stand up to the damp British climate better than what was being supplied from the manufacturers. Today, they continue to make high quality exhaust systems that exceed factory standards. The system for the new Range Rover Sport not only helps to give the vehicle a more distinctive exhaust note and quicker throttle response but also sheds some weight as well.

Undeniable Sleeper : 400hp Audi S6

Bruce brought us this 1995.5 S6 with all of the Euro RS2 bits you can get for the 20v already installed. He wanted us to take it a step further and build this S6 into a solid daily driver, that also doubles as a speed demon. Before we tackled the power side of things, we refreshed and repaired a laundry list of items relating to drivability and convenience. Repairing gauges, replacing worn out control arms and various other odds and ends. Then it was time for the power build. We put together a comprehensive modern turbo kit thanks to EFI Express. This kit included a Borg Warner EFR ball bearing turbo, stainless dowpipe, larger injectors, uprated DW fuel pump, new stainless braided feed lines for coolant and oil supply, custom chip tune via EFI Express and a full stainless Stromung exhaust system. With this kit, the engine spools 25psi right at 3200rpm. You couldn't ask for a better setup on a street car. Still tame enough to drive every day, but when you want the power it's very much there in all its five cylinder glory.

Greg's A4 project

Greg bough a B8.5 A4 and like most of us wanted more power. With started off with the APR stage I tune and of course that wasn't enough. Downpipe helped but still Greg wanted more. We ended up with and AWE exhaust, AWE intercooler, APR intake, CTS Turbo catch can, RS5 Style carbon rear diffuser, RS4 grille and Eibach springs. We are waiting for some more go fast part coming from APR soon. Stay tuned! 

Audi S5 with the APR Stage III Supercharger Kit

We have done a lot of work for dealers through the years, this was a big project. This was a brand new S5 on the showroom floor and the local Audi dealer wanted us to install the APR stage III supercharger kit. It was sold new with the kit on the car. The customer that bought the S5, loves it and we have been servicing it ever since it was new. We then installed the APR Carbonio intake and APR exhaust. It sounds incredible with the supercharger whine and the V8 growl. 

To all of our loyal customers I spent the weekend at APR, LLC headquarters and I want to share what I came away with.

To all of our loyal customers I spent the weekend at APR, LLC headquarters and I want to share what I came away with.

I have received many emails, calls and texts regarding the state of APR and what is going on over there. I had a limited amount of knowledge and I tried to share it as best as I could. I can now say all of my concerns and questions were answered in a positive respect. The “business as usual” is not an accurate way to describe it. APR is now bringing even higher quality products to the VAG market with little to no wait times, better customer service and the finest in tuning in the business. I had a great conversation with Ian Baas and the relationship between Concours Motorsport and APR has never been stronger. Our goal has always been to provide the best in products and services to my customers and we will continue to support APR and use their products on our own vehicles. I saw their new cast downpipe systems and they are incredible, all assembled and welded there. I now have the highest confidence in their ability to deliver, perform and be transparent. If you want to discuss this, please feel free to contact me directly.

Kind Regards,
Brett Weiner
Vice President