Audi TTRS Stage III+

Mike has always had some really fast cars but never an Audi. When the TTRS came out he bought one and loved the chassis but wanted more power. First step was an APR tune, APR downpipe and a Wagner tuning intercooler. The old restrictive downpipe came out and the APR 4 inch downpipe was installed. That with the APR tune made this a truly fast machine.

The TTRS is one of those cars that has an amazing chassis, wonderful brakes and a fine suspension but can always use a little more power. When APR announced the stage III kit for the TTRS, Mike put his name on the list quickly. We also decided to do the new APR connecting rods at the same time.  Start the disassembly! 

We did the complete build and started the car first try, rolled it out and drove it up to Pikes Peak. There are very few cars that I have driven with such speed and ferocity. It sounds like the old 5 cylinders that made Audi famous, drive like a true race car and has enough power to put most cars to shame. Well done APR.