Frequently Ask Questions


Will putting a tune on my car void the warranty?

Yes! The powertrain is being modified and therefore the powertrain warranty is void. We will flash your car back to stock before you go to the dealer for warranty work and back after the work is performed. This is a no charge retune for our customers. 


How will a tune effect my car?

It will have an overall positive effect on your car. The tune helps optimize what the car is capable of. Your gas mileage will not change unless you drive with your foot flat down on the accelerator pedal (you know it's you). You will get a much better performing car without loosing any of the drivability of the stock car. Also many of the tunes from APR were calibrated at this shop, so they work wonderfully well at our altitude. 


Why didn't the manufacture put more power in from the factory?

Several reasons; they are held liable for emission and control equipment for 100,000 miles. If they make a GTI with 400hp that anyone could buy, they can be held liable for an accident. They are also worried that consumers wouldn't buy their higher performance cars when you can simply buy the less expensive model with the same power levels, think Porsche Cayman GTS and 911. 

Exhaust, please explain.

I will start out by saying I am very picky and biased. I like exhausts that aren't loud, don't drone, and give good power. Wait you say, how can you have great power and still be quiet? This is 2015 and we use modern technology. High flow and high efficiency catalysts, with a well designed exhaust system will accomplish the power gains with no drone. I am not saying I like the quiet of a stock A4, I like it to be approiate to the car and the power level. One of my favorite exhausts ever was a set of headers and high flow catalysts on an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. That was a stock muffler and it sounds better than any Ferrari we have done with any exhaust system. Now wait, that was an Aston Martin, not my Audi or VW. The APR cast downpipes are a work of art and function fantastically well. That being said I like Miltek, Fabspeed, Akrapovic and Tubi, each have their draw backs and things they do well. 


Catalysts, please explain.

This is a add on to the exhaust question. I regularly get questions about cell count and horsepower numbers with various catalysts. APR just released their new downpipe systems with a 300 cell count catalysts. I got a string of emails and phone calls with people asking "wont that hurt power?" NO! APR put the 300 cell catalyst on the dyno and a downpipe without a catalyst and up to 550 horsepower it made NO DIFFERENCE. With the other systems we use and build, we use only the highest quality catalysts with the highest flow to make sure you won't get any smell or performance restriction. 


How can the new MK7 VW's make so much more power than my old GTI?

The engine and turbo are completely different. Many people are confused by the terms TSI on the MK7 and they assume it is the same as the MK6 TSI. They share the some engine displacement and they both have a turbo, that is it. We understand that your beloved MK6 isn't as fast, we can help with that. I had a MK6 Golf R and I loved and enjoyed it. The MK3 vs the MK4 cars had a massive difference in power level with a tune. Technology marches on.