2017 Range Rover Sport-Stage 2 and Exhaust

When Land Rover redesigned the Range Rover Sport model in 2014, they focused on adding more substance to the “Sport” side of the name. With a new aluminum construction shaving around 800 pounds from the vehicle and a supercharged V8 rated at 510 horsepower, it was plenty quick from the factory. However, our customer wanted to extract even more performance from his 2017 Range Rover Sport. To accomplish this, a Quicksilver exhaust system, Eurotoys Ltd. supercharger drive pulleys, and a tune were added.

Eurotoys Ltd. provided us with their Stage 2 power package which comprises of the upper and lower supercharger pulleys, a more substantial drive belt and a tune. The pulleys are made from aluminum and feature a black anodizing. This system is a proven power adder that they have been offering for multiple applications for over 6 years now.

Quicksilver Exhausts got their start in 1973 supplying stainless steel exhaust systems that would stand up to the damp British climate better than what was being supplied from the manufacturers. Today, they continue to make high quality exhaust systems that exceed factory standards. The system for the new Range Rover Sport not only helps to give the vehicle a more distinctive exhaust note and quicker throttle response but also sheds some weight as well.